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Big tit ebony mom does a titty kiss before sucking white cock.

Big tit black mama, Timeka Taylor, came by to do some bookkeeping work for me. Those big tits of hers and deep cleavage made me horny, so after she was done I asked her to give me head. As always, she agreed. I pulled up one of her porn videos on my monitor as she sat on the floor in front of me. I thought it would be fun to watch a cock sucking video of her while she was giving me a blowjob. She proceeded to “titty kiss” the head of my dick with her hard nipples and huge aerolas, and then took my cock between her thick black lips. What a blast watching her on the big screen as she deep throated my cock! Make sure you check-out her video clip “Porn Watching Blowjob”.

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The bony babe, Montoya Hills, with big black tits, talks about what it is like to have huge boobs.The big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills, talks about what it’s like to have monster 38I tits. While she is telling her titty tales, she pops out her massive breasts and plays with her huge fun bags and large areolas. Montoya has a bubbly personality and really enjoys sex. She wants to try all sorts of new sexual experiences. In this clip, she asked if she could give two guys a blowjob at sometime in the future. Make sure you check out her blow job clips in our other stores.

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Jessy Alpha's spiritual blowjob and deep throat.Jessy Alpha, the big tit Latina milf says that her deep throat blowjobs are spiritual. I wasn’t sure what that meant and asked her to explain while she was giving a blowjob. I had already discovered that when she gives head and does deep throat she gets goose bumps on her boobs, which is something I have never seen before. She also will get on her knees in-front of you and suck cock for hours. She doesn’t give up until she gets a load of cum in her mouth. It may be spiritual to her, but I think it is her hot Latina blood, and her love of dick. Cock worshiping! She gets off kneeling down in-front of a cock and giving pleasure with her mouth. Jessy will grab your legs and drive her head down on your dick. If that is spiritual, I want more women that think their blowjobs are spiritual.

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Hotlips Melanie shows Colombian women are the best cock suckers.Hotlips Melanie is wearing a pair of red high heeled pumps, a see through lacy dress showing off her big tits and deep cleavage, as she is being interviewed. The interview is about her cock sucking ability, and Colombian women as lovers. She says Colombian women are the best lovers and the sexiest women in the world. She tells the interviewer that she is good at sucking cock but he will have to be the judge. After the interview she gives head and swallows cum to prove that she is a good cock sucker, and Colombian women are the best at sex. Latin women are hot! That is a given. Are Colombian women the best? That is the question.

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Ebony escort, Timeka Taylor's, caught naked tale.

This is the first in series of blow job interviews with Timeka Taylor. The big tit ebony coed working her way through school as an escort. As she deep throats my cock, I interview her about her experiences as an escort. In this clip she tells the story of her trying to satisfy one of her Clients sexual fantasies. The Client wanted her to come to his door naked. When she arrived it was a multi level apartment building and she had to to walk from her car and ride the elevator to his floor naked. Wait till you hear what happened! It could only happen to this crazy, uninhibited, sexy babe During, and after her funny and erotic tale, she gives me deep head. She is an amazing cock sucker and I shot my load of cum in her mouth. Check-out the full length clip at WTF Candid Clips store.

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Hotlips Melanie sucks black cock and it is a dud. I had set up two black guys to get their dicks sucked by Hotlips Melanie. They were suppose to show at the same time, so that she could do a double blow job, but things never go well when guys are thinking with their dicks, as they typically do. They first guy that showed up was a young black guy that had an 8″ cock, when he could keep it hard. Melanie sucked his dick, and did a really sexy job of showing off her sexy legs in high heels, her big booty, and her big tits, while she was sucking his black cock. As I was shooting the video, it was obvious that this young black stud was not going to perform. It wasn’t Hotlips Melanie that was the problem. She gives really good blow jobs, as I well know. I finally told the guy to put his pants on and leave. I found out later that he had sex before the shoot. What an idiot! The second black guy did a great job. Make sure you check out the clip in Hotlips Melanie’s clip store.

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Big tit blonde, Shannon, is getting a foot job on her tits.

The big tit blonde coed, Shannon, and her friend, are dressed in sexy lingerie and open toed stripper heels. Shannon removes her friends heels and fondles her painted toes and feet. Her friend then uses her feet, and toes, to peel back Shannon’s top and exposes her huge tits and large nipples. Her friend toys with Shannon’s boobs and uses her painted toes to squeeze Shannon’s nipples. Shannon squeezes her breasts around her friends pretty feet, sucking on her toes and licking her friends sexy feet. Shannon wants to taste the flavor of her friends feet on her boobs after her titty foot job and sucks her own tits and nipples. If you are a foot fetish fan this is a sexy clip.

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Hidden camera captures me having sex with friend's wife.

As a swinger, you meet couples where the husband likes to watch their wives having sex with other guys. The couple in this clip use to come over regularly and spend the night. I would fuck his wife as he watched and jerked off. One evening, before they came over, I decided to set-up a hidden camera to record the action. His wife gave me head and then I fucked her doggie style, on top and every which way. Of course after the fuck fest I told them about the camera. They liked it, and approved. Then her husband asked me for a copy of the video. I know what he will be doing when he is watching the video. This is candid and real!

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Hotlips Melanie gets blindin cum shoots.

Hotlips Melanie loves to give head and then pump a guys dick as he is cumming. As always, she shoots the cum all over her face and boobs, which is something that she really enjoys. There is one problem. …. Sometimes Melanie shoots the cum in her eyes, causing them to burn, and blinding her for a few minutes. At the WTF Candid Clips store you can see a compilation of three of Melanie’s blow job, cum shot, blinding scenes.